What makes Carelumina so attractive to people all over the United States? It’s not just our highly-rewarding compensation plan that has the people buzzing. We have much more to offer to those willing to work hard and help us grow our brand. Our promise is to treat every single Brand Ambassador with dignity and respect and to help them reach their lifestyle and financial goals. By the way, we will help you each step of the way. Now let’s dig in and take a look at the top 10 reasons to love Carelumina.

  1. Physician-Formulated Products – Our products are developed in house with the help of our scientific advisory board and our team of highly respected physician experts. We have teamed up with the leading doctors in nutrition, health, beauty, hair and wellness to develop and formulate our Carelumina products. Our products are highly effective and they do the job they were developed to do. Ask any of our customers and they will tell you just how effective our products are. We are happy if our customers are happy.
  2. Fair & Balanced Compensation Plan – Our compensation plan was designed to reward those who work hard and participate in promoting our products and helping us grow Carelumina. Carelumina compensation plan is easy to understand, easy to teach yet lucrative and full of rewards and perks for those involved with Carelumina. Generate quick income through our fast-start bonuses while earning monthly residual income as you focus on building a long-term profitable business with Carelumina. NO Games, No Gimmicks, Just a lot of cash waiting for you to claim it.
  3. Executive Support – Yes, our executive team cares about you and that’s why they dedicate their own personal time to help you succeed. Which other company allows you to speak to the owners and get them to help you grow? The answer is NONE. Our executives are owners of the company who have invested their personal moneys and time to make sure that everyone has an equal chance of succeeding with Carelumina. Tune in to our weekly training calls and personal on-one-one training with the people who truly care for you and want to see you succeed.
  4. State-of-the-art Back Office Tools – Our Brand Ambassadors are left in awe when they see their back office system and all of the amazing tools that we provide to help them grow their businesses. Tracking your personal activity has never been easier. We made sure that our BA back office system is intuitive and easy to use. Show your prospects the power of Carelumina compensation plan via the Hypothetical Compensation Calculator and illustrate the true power of the Carelumina compensation plan and earning ability of any individual. Sometimes, all it takes is showing your prospects the BIG PICTURE.
  5. Quick Income – We know the importance of generating fast income and what that can do for you and your family. Our compensation plan offers 3 ways to get onto a quick earning path via the fast start training bonus, 30 day personal bonus and our 90 day group bonus. Put simply, you get the ability to earn up to $4,100 in your first month of business. DON’T WORRY. We will show you how.
  6. Digital Life-Protecting Services – Not only can you promote products and earn money but we also provide you with a portfolio of essential services that can significantly help improve your customer’s lives. We know that services can be boring, but we also know the power of monthly residual income and its importance in building long-term wealth. As a Carelumina Brand Ambassador you will get access to; TeleHealth, Identity Theft, Credit Monitoring, Roadside Assistance and Tech Support. All great services with a highly affordable and competitive market prices that will guarantee monthly residual income, month after month after month.
  7. Zero Inventory Requirement – Shocker, isn’t it? At Carelumina, we won’t force you to purchase thousands of dollars worth of products each month. We let you purchase our products at high discounts just for being cool and being a part of Carelumina. That means less stress and more income in your pocket to do all of the other things you enjoy doing in life. Our goal is for you to enjoy being part of Carelumina while having fun promoting our products and building your business. Once again, we’re there to help you each step of the way.
  8. Qualified Lead Program – Are you a hard worker who always goes above and beyond to reach their personal goals? If yes, then you might be interested in receiving free qualified corporate leads from Carelumina. We provide our Brand Ambassadors targeted leads on rotation while helping them reach new people each month. The most awesome part is the leads are free of charge. You heard that right. FREE Leads. We don’t buy lists and provide you with people who have no idea about Carelumina. We supply targeted leads who have specifically inquired to learn more about Carelumina. What a great way to grow help you grow.
  9. Equal Opportunity For Everyone – We LOVE our Brand Ambassadors. Our field is made up of people from all different cultures, races and religions. Everyone is welcome to join our family. From day one, you will be treated with honor, respect and dignity. That is our promise to you. YOU are the reason that makes US great.
  10. Ability to Help Others – Our company was founded on principles of helping each other succeed. We all know that our chances of success are higher when we surround ourself with mind alike individuals who share the same interests and help each other grow. With Carelumina you receive the ultimate ability to help those around you and to positively influence communities all over the nation. WE ARE ALL BETTER WHEN WE HELP EACH OTHER. Let’s spread help, love and positivity to those around us and help them reach their goals and dreams. Helping others is also good for the soul. True leaders never stop helping others.


The Carelumina Team