At Carelumina our entire team is dedicated to seeing you succeed and prosper.  That’s why Carelumina created a 7 step system to provide simple to use tools and tips to start you on your journey of SUCCESS.  Here are the simple steps to success.  We also provide more tips on each topic so check out each one of the seven steps for more detailed information.    


Do not be undercover.  First you must share with others that you own a home based business.  This first step is a key factor for starting to build long-term success.  Share means that you are not an undercover business owner and that you are willing to  actively promote your business using social media, print and verbal marketing material.


The second step is to utilize the Carelumina back office training systems, marketing materials, and videos to help you share ongoing information with your new recruits.  Utilizing company products will also educate you on the products and how the products help you improve your overall health and wellness.  You should also utilize the power of the group by joining or following the company on social media .  This will help you stay plugged into everything the company has to offer.  Use the material Carelumina has provided it will give you a great amount of content to share.


The third step is committing to your personal or business growth and to the company’s products and brands.  If you commit to using the products and educating yourself on the products it will offer you the opportunity to build long-term success. When you are committed to your personal or business growth, you project positive energy which fuels those commitments. Over time, your commitment, hard work and dedication will compound and allow you to achieve your goals and dreams. 


The forth step is learning to convert your new prospects into affiliates or brand ambassadors. Your initial discussions with a prospect will be reinforced on Carelumina conference calls or meetings.  You can also share the web site with your new prospect so they can learn more about our overall dedication to our affiliates and brand ambassadors.  Plugging into company calls and meetings, and being committed to helping others expand and grow through group efforts and working with your sponsor will help propel you towards your overall success.


The fifth step is to get excited and to always keep the right state of mind.  Your actions are always on display so make sure you’re portraying the right outward message.   Success breads success and your attitude and excitement about achieving your goals and dreams through Carelumina will rub off on others. Being excited, motivated and always being positive about the company and its products will show others that you are a company leader.  Being a company leader will help expand your business and help you achieve your goals. Do not be an undercover Carelumina Brand Ambassador, get excited and become the leader you are meant to be.


The sixth step is use the power of the group and other like minded people to compound your efforts and your successes. Working and supporting your team to help them accomplish their goals will help you grow and expand your business. The best way to achieve long-term sustainable wealth is to help others succeed along with you. So support others and start compounding your success.


The seventh and last step in achieving success is to use your compounding results to gain unstoppable momentum in your business.  This requires constant networking and follow up. It’s much easier to accomplish success if everyone is using the same system and approach. The more you promote the Carelumina message in your team the more financial and personal success you will have. Celebrate your teams successes no matter how large or small.  Let your team know that you care about them and that you are available to help them on their journey. Set up calls and in person meetings with your team and help them spread the message on their social media. Those who celebrate together will accelerate together. 

These 7 steps are a starting point to help you gain the momentum to grow and expand your Carelumina business.   The entire team at Carelumina is here to help you in anyway we can.  If you don’t know what to do next or if you are stuck one of the steps and need guidance please do not hesitate to contact the Corporate office.   We will help you put together a marketing and success plan and we will prosper together.

The Carelumina Team