We all know that acne problems can be painful and embarrassing know matter how old you are. Acne can happen to anyone and is a more common problem than people often think. When the pores of our skin become blocked with oil, dead skin and bacteria – we experience an acne breakout. Our team of beauty experts have found a solution to an age old acne problem and want to share their secrets with you in the following article.

Acne problems are most prevalent during puberty. At this time, our bodies undergo heavy hormonal changes which trigger oil production leading to an increased risk of an acne breakouts. Hormonal changes, certain medications and a diet high in sugars or carbohydrates can all contribute to acne problems.

Our team of beauty experts recommend consulting with a dermatologist when acne problems arise. Although not painful in most cases, acne can cause emotional distress and permanent facial scarring. Most dermatologists can subscribe medication to reduce your symptoms and prevent scarring. If your acne problems are not as serious, you can alleviate them using an effective anti-acne deep cleanser.

Carelumina A1 Pure deep cleanser is a powerful certified organic cleanser that works maximally to remove oils and clean pores in acne or blemish-prone skin. It combines clove, cayenne and willow bark to reduce inflammation, provide anti-septic cleansing and removes pore clogging oil with an effective astringent.

Perfect for oily and blemish prone skin, Carelumina A1 Pure is a perfect solution to promote a clear complexion. Pure A1 is the first step in your complete anti-acne skincare regimen at Carelumina. This powerful deep cleanser is gentle enough to be used twice a day and is most effective when used along Carelumina Clear, Flawless and Repair to provide you with a refreshed, acne-free youthful appearance.

Carelumina A1 Pure is fully organic and naturally derived. Apply a small amount to fingers, lather with warm water and gently wash the face, neck and chest areas to cleanse oils, dirt and makeup.

For best results, use Pure daily in the morning and night.

Carelumina Team