Got acne-prone skin and looking for an all-natural, organic solution? Carelumina anti-acne skincare line is redefining beauty through technology and science. Beautiful, healthy-skin starts with selection of all-natural and organic ingredients. The beauty experts at Carelumina have developed a perfect solution for your anti-acne needs.

When it comes to picking the right anti-acne toner for your skin, stronger is not always better. Picking a toner that helps you remove pore-clogging dirt, debris and makeup can be tricky. Preferably you want to choose a toner with the right organic ingredients that won’t irritate or dry out your skin with application.

Our beauty experts recommend a toner application to your face right after cleanings and before applying any serums, acne treatments or SPF. It is important to read labels on toners and pick the formula that is alcohol-free and without harsh chemicals. Keep in mind that your skin should not look red or feel tight after toner application.

Carelumina’s Clear anti-acne healing toner is a unique formulation that blends the deep cleaning power of lavender distillate (helps to heal and treat blemishes), witch hazel (helps tone and tighten pores), MSM (helps drive ingredients into skin) and willow bark derived salicylic acid to relieve oily and blemished skin.

We have also integrated powerful botanicals including clove, juniper and cayenne to help control sebaceous gland production. All of the ingredients combined work gently and effectively, without dryness, irritation or redness to promote clear and beautiful skin. A2 Clear is step 2 in your complete anti-acne skincare regimen by Carelumina.

It is an effective, refreshing toner that allows for better absorption of serums, cremes, and moisturizers. Carelumina Clear is most effective when used in coordination with Pure, Flawless and Restore to provide you with a refreshed, acne-free youthful face appearance.

Shake before using. After cleansing skin, apply with a cotton pad or ball on the face, neck and chest areas. For best results, use twice daily in the morning and night.

Carelumina Team