You have started your Carelumina business and shared it with the world. Great! Now you are asking yourself what’s next? Don’t worry, we got some tips and tricks to help you start contacting prospects or those interested in joining your team. Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and start contacting people and telling them about our new and exciting business at Carelumina.

Before you start calling everyone in your phone and private messaging all of your social networking buddies let’s cover some basics about contacting prospects. Understand that selling is about establishing relationships and trust with people. Not many people will buy what you got to sell unless they trust you.

Once you establish the trust people need to realize the value of your business opportunity and the products that you are pitching. Will your new business and products help your prospect attain a certain goal or bring value to their life? Explaining the value of anything to someone can be hard unless you understand their goals, motives and interests.

First, when you establish contact with a potential prospect tell them your personal story and the reason why you joined Carelumina. Talk about the benefits of direct selling and how Carelumina is helping you build your own business and create your own destiny. Some great points to initially touch upon are the benefits of working from home, potential to earn unlimited residual income, the ability to work on your own schedule, the ability to help others and contribute positively to your community, escaping the 9-5 grind or the ability to spend more time with your loved ones.

Once you tell the prospect your personal story and few benefits of direct selling, ask the prospect what attracted them to Carelumina? You must listen carefully to your prospect’s answers. Each prospect will have a different story or motive behind their interests. Get an idea of what your prospect is looking for then engage them into the conversation how the Carelumina products and services can help the prospect attain those goals.

The main objective of the first contact with your prospect is to simply learn about the prospect’s goals and to provide the prospect with valuable information about the Carelumina products and the business opportunity, so the prospect can come up with their own conclusion if they would like to join your team or not.

Write down information about your prospects and utilize it on your follow-up call. Most people will not buy anything from you until you talk to them at least 2 to 3 times. The focus of your first contact with the prospect should not be to make a sale but simply to educate and schedule a follow-up call. Your follow-up call should be scheduled within the first 7 days of initially contacting the prospect.

In the days before the second call, focus your prospect on looking over the Carelumina opportunity presentation. Our corporate presentation will provide your prospect with all of the information necessary to make a decision in joining our company. Learn to utilize the corporate training materials and marketing resources to better engage your prospects. When you set up your second call, reach out to our distributor support team and schedule a 3-way call with one of the company executives. Your chances of converting that prospect into a paid Brand Ambassador will be enhanced with the help of one of our executives. Now, let’s get rocking and rollin!

Carelumina Team