The days of door-to-door selling are over as social media networks offer easy and quick connectivity to people all over the world providing you easier access to thousands of potential customers. Connecting with someone and sharing your business opportunity can be accomplished by a click of a button while allowing you to professionally and actively market your products and services. Social media can be good for your business if you are familiar with some common best practices.

You will be more successful when you have a balance of personal and business elements, rather than just business. Start off by completing your social media profiles. Take a few minutes to complete your about me section across all networks because that is someone’s first impression of you. Be tasteful of your profile photo and use appropriate language in your posts.

What you put out on social media becomes a representation of you and your business. Providing informational content is nice, but it’s not all social media has to offer. Interacting with your followers is a huge key for success. The more people interact with you, the more people will see your posts more often. Daily interactions bring more awareness to you and your business.

You are in the business to make money. We have found that is more effective to inform than sell. Our team suggests that you use the 80/20 rule, 80% of the content you post and share should be entertaining or informative, while no more than 20% of your social media communication should relate to the products and services that you provide.

Each social media network has its own purpose and audience. It is highly important that you match the right content to the right network. The casual community of Facebook makes engaging with others feel natural, while the more serious industry focused LinkedIn offers a great place to reach business professionals. Twitter handles rapid-fire conversation between both businesses and individuals, making it a useful platform regardless of the audience. Instagram users share highly creative visual posts which appeal to the creative audience.

Photos and videos can boost your social media strategy. Tweets containing images earn 150% more re-tweets, 89% more favorites and can lead to 18% more clicks. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Creating your own images to promote Carelumina products and services is a waste of time and could put you in danger of infringing our brand standards. Instead of creating marketing materials, you should focus on growing your followers and more interactions while engaging in other activities to build your business.

Our in-house marketing team has developed hundreds of professionally designed materials which you can access via your back office tools and share across any network you like. We don’t mind if you take selfies with our products as that gives a personal approach to marketing and will make your audience connect better to your business when they see that you are using the products yourself. The last thing to remember is to have fun! Just because you are using social media for your business does not mean that you should stop having fun with it.

Always be courteous to others and never make false business or product claims.

Carelumina Team