Residual income is a beautiful thing. It keeps coming month, after month after month. If you never heard of residual income our team of experts have broken down the residual income basics in this article to provide you with the knowledge that you need for long-term success. Is it possible to get rich with residual income? Yes, history has proven so. Now let’s get to it.

There is a famous quote by Jim Rohn in which he states; “I’m working full-time on my job and part time on my fortune. But it won’t be long before I’m working full-time on my fortune. Can you imagine what my life will look like?” What Mr. Rohn is referring to is the power of residual income. The power of leverage through residual income is hard to grasp. Once discovered it can propel any individual to tremendous wealth and prosperity in the long run.

What is residual income and how does it work? Residual income is the income you continue to receive after the work is done. The key to earning residual income is leverage. If you can find a way to leverage other people’s time or money effectively you will start creating residual income. How you work for your income is important.

Most people trade time for money. It is not impossible to get wealthy working for someone else, but usually there is more opportunity and a bigger upside potential being in the business for yourself. It is important to understand that the income you receive in your full-time job is based on the economic value that you bring to the organization which you are associated with. The more value that you create the more income you receive.

Direct selling is a great channel for generation of long-term residual income and enormous economic value. Team success approach in direct selling is one where you are in the business for yourself, but not by yourself. Direct selling allows you to create a network of like-minded individuals in which you can leverage time of thousands of others to promote and distribute a specific product or service. By doing so you can create a flow of long-term residual income for years to come.

At Carelumina, we offer a ground floor business opportunity with unlimited residual income potential. Our versatile portfolio of 70+ physician-formulated products and online digital services allows anyone to build a network of individuals then leverage their time and money to create a large inflow of long-term residual income. Carelumina business opportunity allows you to get rich with residual income while helping others do the same. We leveled the playing field for everyone making it possible to attain their personal and financial goals.

We understand that starting a new business can be challenging and expensive at the same time. At Carelumina, we offer a low start-up cost business opportunity along with all of the tools, training and resources that anyone needs to become successful. We also provide you with continuous executive support to help you grow your team and realize your fullest income-earning potential. Our business opportunity offers fast start bonuses and weekly pay along with  commission making ability from the compounded efforts of others.

Remember one thing as you start your new business adventure, at Carelumina you are in the business for yourself but never alone.

Carelumina Team