The Chairman of Carelumina provides insight into changes and adjustments with Carelumina products and company enhancements.  He discuses Carelumina products like Telehealth, Cold-Pressed Juice, CBD and other products that are vital to achieving health and wealth in a post pandemic world.

Carelumina announces its new 3 by 9 matrix program providing long term growth and wealth opportunities for all its Brand Ambassadors and outlines up to $4,100 in 30-day and 90-day fast start bonuses. He also discusses the new Brand Ambassador – Business Builder MD Box that all new Carelumina Brand Ambassadors receive when Joining the company. 

Mr. Burns outlines the over 182% growth the company has achieved in the last 60 days with its new marketing and recruitment programs and announces the companies new CBD products and its new MD/RX/LABS program.

CBD Gummies – 300mg
CBD Capsules – 750mg
MD/RX/LABS – powered by Telehealth

Mr. Burns provides forward looking projects that the Carelumina team is working on for 2020 which includes additions to its vital Telehealth concierge medial program and additional nutraceutical products.

Listen to the May 2020 call now. 

The Carelumina Team