The news is out, Carelumina announces new products, new bonuses, new 8 level pay plan and new powered by Telehealth branding. 

Fraser Burns the Chairman of Carelumina provides insight into changes and adjustments with Carelumina products and company enhancements. 

Carelumina announces new Fast Start Bonuses where Brand Ambassadors can earn up to four thousand one hundred dollars ($4,100) in new 30 and 90 day bonuses.  Carelumina also announces a new 8 level compensation plan.   The new compensation plan was adjusted to provide additional earning opportunity for Brand Ambassadors changing from a 6 level plan to a 8 level pay plan.  

  • 8 Level Pay Plan
  • Training Bonus ($120 bonus)
  • 30 Day Personal Bonus (up to $2,000 bonus)
  • 90 Day Group Bonus (up to $2,000 bonus)

Learn More $4,100 in Bonuses

Carelumina announces three (3) new Physician Formulated wellness products:

  • SUN – Vit A, Vit D and Vit K
  • GUT PRO – Powerful Probiotic
  • O30+ – Premium Omega Fish Oil

Carelumina launches six (6) new mass tort advertising platform plans called Medical Damages.  Brand Ambassadors can earn advertising fees from $200 (cv) too as high as $4,000 (cv) or more. 

  • JUUL
  • Roundup
  • IVC Filters
  • SGLT2 Inhibitors
  • Hernia Mesh
  • 3M Military Ear Buds

The entire Carelumina team is very excited about the new adjustments in the Company’s product portfolio and the new changes to enhance the Carelumina Compensation Plan.  Listen to the October 1, 2019 call now.  

The Carelumina Team