The Chairman of Carelumina provides insight into changes and adjustments with Carelumina products and company enhancements.  Mr. Burns discuses Carelumina’s plan to become a virtual company and evolve the way the company does business in a post pandemic world. The company’s 2021 initiatives are to broaden its CBD and Beauty product lines and the company will discontinue its Cold-Pressed Juice line so it can focus on more profitable product offerings.  Mr. Burns also discusses the updated launch of its MD/RX/LABS programs projected to launch sometime in Q1 – 2021. 

Mr. Burns discuses the development of a proprietary lead CRM system whereby Brand Ambassadors will receive a higher flow of free leads and will allow the company to better assist Brand Ambassador’s with converting leads to paying customers or new Brand Ambassadors. Mr. Burns provides forward looking projects that the Carelumina team is working on for 2021 which includes additions to its vital Telehealth concierge medial program and additional nutraceutical and beauty products.

Listen to the December 2020 call now. 

The Carelumina Team