Hi Everyone,

I’m Ryan Fitzgerald and I am a cosmetic chemist with over a decade of experience in the salon industry.  I also founded one of the largest salons in the nation which was ranked by Inc. Magazine as top 500/5000 company.

Would you like to have healthier, more beautiful hair that everyone wants? I am sure you do, just like the rest of us.  Today, I’d like to help you discover ways on how to improve your hair without spending thousands of dollars on products that don’t work.

You ever find yourself staring at hundreds of haircare products at your home, yet none of them have worked for you?  Trust me, we have all been there. After years of first hand salon experience I decided to develop an all-natural, highly effective, salon-formulated haircare line for Carelumina.

Our team dug down really deep and challenged ourselves to answer some of the industry’s most difficult questions. What we discovered was pretty obvious. Not all product lines are created equally – nor are the formulations. How our formulas differ at Carelumina? Each product boasts highest quality standards and ingredients.

We really challenged ourselves to develop high performance, treatment based formulations with all natural ingredients. Our team stayed clear from those chemicals and unnecessary marketing fluff that you find in most products on retail shelves today. At Carelumina, we use advanced skincare technologies paired with plant derivatives and seed extracts.

Successfully, we created our best-in-class clean haircare collection. Our vision is bold, aggressive and challenging. But honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.