Can a swipe of serum give you longer, fuller and more luscious eyelashes? Yes, it can. If you are dreaming about beautiful eyelashes but don’t want to bother using those messy fake lashes and eyelash extensions, then you have to try Carelumina EXTEND.

EXTEND is an advanced eyelash growth serum that can increase your lash growth in its growing phase while extending your lash’s life cycle. EXTEND is medical grade and FDA approved. This revolutionary eyelash booster aids in overall health of your eyelashes making them more resistant to breakage while providing your lashes with a more fuller and healthier look.

Carelumina EXTEND is easy to apply, and provides you with a long-lasting 3-6 month supply. Our customers are experiencing great results and have reported a 45% increase in new lashes within 2 months along with 25% increase in eyelash length within 2 weeks. EXTEND has proved to improve thickness of lashes and customers have reported 73% improvement in lash density in as little as 4 weeks.

Simply, apply a small amount of EXTEND to the base of clean, dry lashes at night only. EXTEND may be applied 2x per day. Do not apply EXTEND directly into the eye, but if you accidentally do so make sure to rinse your eye out thoroughly.

EXTEND contains all of the nourishing ingredients that strengthen eyelash hairs over time, while   making your lash hairs stronger and resilient against breakage. This powerful advanced eyelash growth serum can also help create healthier foundation and boost volume in lashes.

Carelumina EXTEND can be marketed to individuals but is also be a perfect addition to any beauty salon owner’s current skincare line. EXTEND will leave your customers felling happy and satisfied with their new lashes, while #extending your income for years to come.

The Carelumina Team