You worked hard on getting back into your workout groove, but the holidays are right around the corner. Why wait until January when fall is the perfect time to get into your workout and healthy groove. Kids are back in school so now you can focus on some self-care. Fall weather can serve as a perfect inspiration to become more active and eat more healthfully.

Start off with controlling your cravings. Many people say that cravings are their biggest challenge to losing weight. With our busy schedules often times we don’t have time to think of healthy snacks but the trick is to plan ahead. If sweet or chocolate cravings are your on your mind daily, try Carelumina BUILD premium whey protein. Mix the protein powder in with your favorite drink and create a delicious protein shake in seconds. Help kick those cravings to the curb!

Say hello to your sneakers. According to a recent survey, 72% of participants said they had 30 minutes or less to devote to working out each day. Exercising does not need to be formal and within a gym environment. The point is to add more activity to your daily schedule. Many people enjoy exercising with others. Find a walking buddy and network and build your business with you exercise.

What’s your fitness and health plan? Do you have your goals written down? If not, start there. Planning ahead will help you get into a habit this fall. Evaluate your daily schedule and find places where you can a few more minutes to walk or exercise. Dedicate some time daily to cook your food at home, and know exactly what you’re putting inside of your body. The healthier you become, the wealthier you become.

Is your kitchen filled with junk food? It’s time to clean the shelves and stock your space up with healthier choices. Do you ever ask your self if you are consuming enough fruits and vegetables daily or instead you find yourself indulging on sweets and unnecessary carbs? Kick the bad habit to the curb with a 12 oz bottle of Carelumina cold-pressed juice. Formulated to perfection, each 1 serving bottle will provide your body with 1.4 lbs of raw, fresh fruits and vegetables without polluting your body with unnecessary sugars and chemicals. Our 100% cold-pressed juice was designed by doctors to help you find the healthiest you this fall season.

Portion control is important. Yes, we all want to indulge ourselves in those fall holiday sweets, but dealing with those extra pounds later is not fun for anyone. Now we all gotta have some fun once in a while, but the point is not to overdo it. Be aware of the portions that you are consuming daily and how many times you eat a day. Awareness is the first step to understanding how your body functions and what portions of food are best for your own metabolism.

Follow these fall dieting tips to see the better you this fall.


Carelumina Team