Carelumina provides something for everyone. With innovative and evolutionary products and services were transforming lives using a unique approach to healthcare, wellness, beauty and lifestyle. Now that you have found us and joined our team, you must be wondering how to get started building your business with Carelumina? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Getting started with our company is easy and we hope that the following article can help provide some guidance for you.

YAY! YOU DID IT!  Welcome to our Team! You have made one of the most important decisions in your life so far and that is to join our winning team. By deciding to join Carelumina, we promise you that you will be in good hands. DON’T WORRY. We will help you each step of the way. Now, let’s get started.

First, we have to build out the foundation for your business and make sure that everything is in place to grow and be successful. Let’s start by reading and signing the Carelumina Brand Ambassador Agreement. Once you do so, you will want to login to your back office dashboard using the credentials provided in your welcome email. Your back office holds all of the wonderful tools and metrics to help you grow and track the progress of your growth.

Now, we need to get you familiar with our Carelumina BA On-boarding Digital Kit. This is a complete training guide which will help you get started quickly and efficiently. It is a wonderful document which will guide you along your journey with Carelumina. Once logged in the back office, make sure to complete the required online training course. By doing so, your sponsoring Brand Ambassador will receive their $100 Fast Start Training Bonus.

Next, watch the Carelumina opportunity video located on This video is a great resource to utilize for self-development and also a great recruiting tool. It will provide your prospects with the answers to most of their questions they have about the owners of the company, the products and our wonderful easy to understand compensation plan. Don’t forget to order your business cards. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where a prospect approaches you and wants to learn more about the business but you don’t provide them with your contact information. Business cards are a great business building tool for any business.

Great work!  Now that you are familiar with the basics let’s get you connected with out Carelumina ecosystem. Review your personal website and know how to explain to your customers how to access your store and purchase your products. Tell them about our wonderful SmartShip program which allows them to purchase products at a discount and at desired frequency without having to visit your website month after month. Customers love the easiness of Carelumina SmartShip!

Next, you will want to follow our Carelumina social media websites and our BA Distributor Group on Facebook. Simply, search for Carelumina on FB or IG and make sure to follow us and help us grow our social media and our brand. By doing so, you will stay on top of our weekly product give-aways and wonderful news and announcements.

Awesome job! Now, let’s start illuminating. Start by completing a warm contact list of everyone that you know. This is one of the most important steps in getting off to a quick start. Don’t prejudge anyone since you don’t know what they will do and who they will lead you to. People enter this business at their own time. Next, you will want to familiarize yourself with our 7 Steps to Success guide. Each step will guide you through your business building journey with Carelumina. Next, share your personal story with as many people as you can the first month being in business. This will help you gain quick momentum and provide you with quick income in your first few weeks of being in business.

OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. Be on the lookout for dynamic people who you believe will be a great addition to your team. Make it a goal for yourself to meet new people and friends daily. Never leave your home without a product catalog or your business cards. The first month in the business is always the hardest. Don’t let naysayers stop you in your tracks of getting off to a quick start. Believe in yourself and your vision to succeed and you will be successful.

GOOD LUCK. NOW Let’s get to work.

The Carelumina Team