The age of hard selling and door to door cold sales is the way of the past. Today, we live in the world of convenience. The ability to get what you want when you want it is the new way of life in our society. Online shopping and constant technological improvements have made shopping easy. So easy, that you can now sit on your couch and order your favorite products right from your phone with next day delivery.

Consumers are more educated and harder to persuade due to so many options available on the market. So, what’s the best way to sell to today’s educated consumer – by serving. As you go after the educated consumer be sure they are reading your product reviews, looking at your social media profiles and asking others about your products. The best way to distinguish your business and products from all others is by doing your best to serve your customers.

Instead of approaching your prospective customer with a sales pitch focus on developing an effective customer satisfaction strategy. It is important to have a mission for yourself and your business. Most consumers today don’t just want to buy something, but they want to be a part of something. Research shows that businesses with mission-driven purposes have much stronger brand engagement than those businesses that don’t. Find your mission and get your team onboard to increase your chances of attracting new prospects.

Watch what you say and how you say it. Don’t try the old trick of confusing if you can’t convince. It simply does not work. You will come off as someone who can’t be trusted. If the customer can’t trust you they simply won’t buy from you. Use direct language when speaking with customers. If customers can understand your product they will also know if they need it or not. Tricking a customer and selling them a product with false claims can have serious repercussions post-sale and will lead to loss of a potential long-term relationship.

Before trying to sell anything first get to know your potential customer’s needs. Be honest about what you can or can’t do to help that person. Honesty will bring trust, and trust will bring long-term relationships. If your product is currently not a good fit there won’t be much you can do to change that. A potential customer will remember your honesty and will return as their needs change.

Service means doing work for someone. When looking to serve a customer do everything you can do make their shopping experience as seamless and easy as possible. Focus on educating and providing a potential customer with all of the information necessary to be able to make the purchase decision. Once the purchase is made, deliver the first product directly to your customer’s door if they are local or send them a thank you note. Gestures like these strengthen your trust while positioning you for long-term success and a lot more sales.

Carelumina Team