Close more leads with these sales conversion tips & strategies.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, if you’re not handling your leads for your small business properly, you could be missing out on a lot of sales from potential customers. And when you’re spending money on lead generation, this is money down the drain. This short tutorial will provide sales conversion tips and strategies on how to close more leads so that you’re not throwing money away with your lead generation efforts.

The Importance of an Immediate Phone Call

Potential customers that take the time to complete a lead form are looking for a response right away. The moment a lead comes in, it’s hot. Within minutes that hot lead can begin to cool down as the customer reaches out to additional businesses that are also able to provide a solution that meets their needs.

In order to prevent a potential customer from finding another business or service provider, it’s important to not simply respond via email, but rather, phone the potential customer as soon as possible. In most cases, the first business that speaks directly with a potential customer receives the most attention and has a better chance of winning the customer.

Win Favor With a Better Offer

It’s understandable that it may not be possible to reach a customer before they reach another provider. If you miss the opportunity to be the first to speak with a potential customer, you still may be able to win their attention and ultimately, their business. One effective sales conversion strategy on how to close more leads is to be prepared to respond with a more competitive offer or a discount.

Weekends are Workdays Too

Many businesses shut their doors and turn off their phones at the close of business on Friday and wait until after the weekend to follow up on any new leads. This can be a big mistake that can lead to missing a sale. There’s nothing wrong with following up with a customer on Saturday or even Sunday. In fact, you may end up winning their favor simply by going the extra mile by working for them on what they perceive as your day off.

Don’t Hesitate to Text

Another sales conversion strategy or tip on how to close more leads is text (SMS) messaging. 10 years ago text messaging was seemingly reserved for personal communication between friends and family. Back then businesses wouldn’t dare to attempt to text customers. But the times have changed. In fact, text messaging has become a preferred method of communication, especially among Millennials. Text messaging is a fast and direct way to reach potential customers, and keeps you fresh in their minds.

Use Social Media Networks

With all the competition in every industry today, establishing a personal connection with the customer is more important than ever. Social media is a great tool to find out more information about your potential customer. Taking a moment to find your potential customers on social media and get an understanding of whom they are can give you an advantage when you speak with them. This can be especially helpful in winning favor in situations where you were not able to be the first one to communicate with them on the phone.

Create Customized Emails

Creating customized auto-responder email templates can be a valuable technique for quickly responding to leads. When a potential customer submits a lead and receives an immediate response, they are reassured that you’re working on their behalf and will get back to them as soon as possible. An auto-responder can prevent a potential customer from moving right to the next business or provider, keeping the lead warm.

Build & Rely on Your Good Reputation

Consumers today rely heavily on reviews of others when making a purchasing decision on a product. When choosing a business or service provider, the same is true. Having good reviews, references and even testimonials is a great way build a good reputation. Proudly display positive customer reviews on your website to help potential customers make the choice of your business over others.

Follow Up & Be Available

Possibly the most important sales conversion strategy or tip on how to close more leads is simply the follow up. Often businesses make just one follow up attempt and hope that the customer returns the call. This is a mistake. Businesses that follow up at least two times and show that they are interested and available to the potential customer have a much greater chance of winning the sale.

Using these strategies and tips can go a long way at not only building a good reputation for your business, but will also help you close more leads.