Genuine enthusiasm goes a long way and it’s hard to ignore. If you truly and genuinely commit to helping people get what they want in life you will get what you want. The more genuine and excited you are about helping prospects achieve their life goals, the more success you will have with your Carelumina business. From talking and listening to prospects you should obtain a better understanding of what specific life goal your prospect is trying to reach.

Finding your prospect’s life goals will help you determine what your prospect truly cares about and how Carelumina products and services can help that prospect reach that goal. During the 2nd contact you can start introducing Carelumina products and services which will be the vehicle for achieving your prospect’s goals and lifelong dreams.

The key is to come up with a tailored approach to conversation on which products you should introduce to your prospect next time you talk with them. A wonderful thing about Carelumina is that you get the ability to promote 70+ physician formulated products and services. We have developed a versatile offering of products and services to meet most of your prospect’s life needs.

Whether your prospect is looking for the best nutritional products to improve their health, the new anti-aging creme to improve their skin, or perhaps an effective shampoo for their hair or maybe a CBD product for their pet – at Carelumina we got you covered. A great way to introduce a product or service to a prospect is via a personal testimonial on a specific product.

If you’re not personally using the products and can’t speak about personal results, you will have a tougher time connecting with your prospects. As an affiliate or Brand Ambassador of Carelumina, you receive top discounts on product purchases allowing you to purchase and utilize the products yourself without breaking the bank.

Once you know your prospect’s goals introducing a specific product or service tailored to their personal needs will become an easy task. For example, during your 1st contact with the prospect you learned that he/she is interested in organic skincare for their personal needs and also wanting to promote beauty products. If you ask the right questions, you will find out exactly what kind of personal need your prospect is looking to fulfill. Are they looking to get rid of acne, improve fine lines and wrinkles or just wanting fuller and more beautiful eyelashes? Narrowing down prospect’s personal needs will lead you to recommend a product that can truly help your prospect.

During your 2nd contact with the prospect, offer a detailed description and a personal testimonial about a specific product along with the benefits of the product or service that you are looking to recommend. For example, “Carelumina Repair” skincare product was developed by a double board facial plastic surgeon to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I have been using this product for the last 6 months and have seen drastic results in the elasticity and tightness of my skin. I love how Carelumina Repair makes my skin feel smooth while eliminating those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles.

This will solidify your testimonial as a regular user of the product as well as being a part of Carelumina. Be as genuine as possible and always keep in mind that the end goal is to provide a solution to your prospect’s problem whether the product can help through personal use or promoting it to others to earn moneys.

Carelumina Team