A great way to keep your commissions flowing is to build and manage a solid customer base. Your customers are very important to your money earning potential and keeping your team in compliance with corporate Brand Ambassador policies. At Carelumina, we only offer high quality products and services essential to successful expansion of your customer base. Keep in mind that a happy customer might decide to join your team as a Brand Ambassador in the near future.

Regular customers will help you generate constant income while growing your Carelumina business. Once you start acquiring customers, it is essential to keep them satisfied with superior service and enhancing their personal use of products through regular communication.

Demonstrating to your customers that you care about them will help you build a successful and sustainable residual income source. It is essential to send a thank you note after your customer receives their first order. This will reinforce to your customer that you do care about them and want to keep helping them. Make it a goal to get at least 10 retail customers in your first month.

Happy regular customers become happy long-term customers and that’s exactly what you want. By providing superior customer service and keeping the communication flowing, you will be the go to person when your customer decides to purchase again. You want to establish yourself as a credible source of information and put confidence into your customers that they are making the right decision every time they decide to purchase from you.

If you want to guarantee promptest service possible, get into habit of recommending the Carelumina SmartShip program to all of your customers. SmartShip will provide a steady supply of products that your customers enjoy while guaranteeing you monthly residual income month after month. Carelumina SmartShip takes the hassle out of purchasing while adding extra savings which will for sure make your customers happy and wanting to purchase more.

Reach out to your customers with excitement when new products and services are introduced and added to the offering. In some cases, it might be appropriate to send samples of the new product or conduct a demonstration meeting. The more educated your customers are the more products they will use. Sending out samples, catalogs and brochures will help with the education.

Growing your customer base is the strongest way to build a healthy and long-term sustainable business.

Carelumina Team