We all know the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables and the impact they have on our overall health and wellness. In today’s fast-moving world, our society is constantly on the go. Everyone is so focused on the daily grind that a lot of times we lose touch and take on bad eating habits consuming less of fruits and vegetables and more of high calorie, high sugar foods that bring on various health complications.

At Carelumina, we wanted to change the way people think about fruits and veggies. That’s why we teamed up with some of the top leading physicians in the nation to develop and formulate our cold-pressed juice regimen. This is NOT YOUR ORDINARY JUICE.

Our cold-pressed juice regimen utilizes over 18 different fruits and vegetables including super fruits. Based on scientific and medical expertise, we created our one of a kind 6 formula cold-pressed juice regimen. Carelumina cold-pressed juice regimen was developed to supplement the nutritional gaps in your diet. Our juice is 100% cold-pressed juice with no added teas, waters or sugars. Each 12 oz bottle of juice contains 1.4 LBS of raw, fresh, fruits and vegetables and was formulated under 100 calories with less than 20 grams of naturally occurring sugars from fruits and vegetables.

The ingredients in our juice have proven over years of testing to: improve heart health, improve blood sugar maintenance, improve mental clarity and focus, reduce risks of some cancers, improve eye health and prevent age-related macular degeneration, reduce inflammation, reduce blood pressure, reduce risk of stroke and aid in digestion. PLUS, our cold-pressed juice will provide you with clean energy to get you through each day with no problems.

We know that our juice tastes wonderfully delicious but we take it a step further to add an extra step of protection for our customers. Consuming raw fruits and vegetables can be dangerous as they can contain different pathogens that can harm the body, but we made sure that our cold-pressed juice is SAFE FOR EVERYONE. Once manufactured and bottled at our state-of-the-art cold-press juicing facility in Jacksonville, FL we then ship our juice to a Universal Pure high pressure processing facility in Villa Rica, GA.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a leading technology in food preservation marketplace which utilizes high amounts of cold-pressure to get rid off any bacteria or pathogens in our juice without harming the nutrients, vitamins and essential enzymes. Through the process of HPP, our cold-pressed juice bottles are placed into a large chamber of cold water where enormous amounts of pressure are applied at 85,000 psi to cold-pressure process our juice. By utilizing this innovative technology we make our juice safe for our customers while extending the shelf life of our cold-pressed juice up to 45-60 days.

This enables you as the Carelumina Brand Ambassador to promote and market our delicious cold-pressed juice to customers all over the nation. Our cold-pressed juice is shipped in a tightly sealed package inside of a thermal liner that keeps our juice at the necessary temperature to be shipped to any state within the United States. The juice arrives at your doorstep frozen in the matter of 2-3 days depending on your shipping preference.

Our cold-pressed juice is a BIG HIT at Carelumina! Recently we added a line of 2 oz bottles which are perfect for sampling and our customers can’t stop talking about them. If you haven’t Carelumina cold-pressed juice, right now is the time to do so. We promise that you will love the freshness and the delicious formulas while providing your body with all of the amazing nutrients and vitamins that it needs to perform at its best on daily basis.

The Carelumina Team