So, you wonder what it takes to be a successful Brand Ambassador at Carelumina? Not to worry, we’ll break down the basics below. The most important part of becoming successful with Carelumina starts with your decision to join the company. If you can make that decision for yourself, then we can help you through all of the ups and downs that come along with starting your own business. Have you made the decision to join our team today? Ok, GREAT! Now, let’s cover the basics and get you started on a successful business building journey with Carelumina.

Carelumina Brand Ambassadors who use the company products and services for their personal needs become more knowledgable and enthusiastic about the products than those who don’t. Using Carelumina products and services will allow you to talk directly about the first hand results and advantages of products and will help you connect with your potential customers easier and quicker. Personal testimonials go far in direct selling, and they will help you generate more sales and gain more customers.

Developing your consumer group will help you grow your business through purchases of products and services outside of your own personal purchases. Many people will be interested in purchasing products from the company but may not be interested in becoming a part of our business opportunity. That is totally ok with us! Building long-term relationships with those customers will provide you with significant monthly recurring commissions and increased bonuses. Overtime, these individuals will become your dedicated consumer group. Finding 5-10 retail customers each month will guarantee steady flow of income into your Carelumina wallet and position you for long-term sustainable growth.

Setting up presentations will help you reach more people and the more people you reach, the more success you will have. Social media is a good way for introducing yourself and your Carelumina business. In addition, conduct regular person-to-person presentations and never be afraid of failure. With some failure comes knowledge and with that knowledge comes success. In order to constantly grow, you should constantly set presentations with current teammates and new prospects.

Plugging into the Carelumina eco-system will enable you to access on-going information and offer opportunities for additional learning. Attending company meetings in person or online will help you build your knowledge base and can help grow your confidence and self-esteem. The power of group training and support is very inspiring.

Always be trainable and invest into personal self development. Your Carelumina business will grow as fast as you grow. Developing new skills and evolving knowledge base with personal training will pay great dividends over time. Listen and learn first, then teach others. Follow the Carelumina system which has been proven to help Brand Ambassadors grow a profitable business with our company. Duplicate the training with your teammates and help them become successful. Help others get what they want, and you will greatly improve your chances of getting what you want. WE make the world better by helping each other grow and prosper.

The Carelumina Team