Our hair goes through a lot every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to provide your hair with the best all-natural ingredients each day? Now, you can without hurting your wallet. At Carelumina, our haircare experts and scientists have formulated a rich shampoo formula for the special needs of chemically treated hair. What’s the difference between our repair shampoo and other formulas on the market? Carefully infused botanicals and all of the essential vitamins that will help your hair recover quickly and effectively.

Carelumina Rescue – Repair Shampoo was developed based on feedback of some of the top salon stylists in the industry to guarantee a formula that works to help repair your hair back to its beautiful status. If you love your hair as much as we do, then why not provide it with the best repair shampoo that will bring your hair its shine, elasticity and strength.

What matters the most when choosing a repair shampoo? The ingredients. Our Rescue Repair Shampoo contains the best nourishing concentrations that your hair could ask for. Wheat proteins in our repair formula will boost your volume backed up the amazing jojoba oils which will help soothe your skin and unclog the hair follicles. The powerful combination of Provitamin E5 and vitamins A and E create a beautiful infusion of moisture into your daily hair. Our Repair Shampoo will add shine and manageability to your hair while eliminating chemical odors.

Applying the Repair Shampoo is very simple. Take a small amount of shampoo and rinse it into wet hair and work into lather. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Give your hair its best look today and repair your hair back to beautiful without spending hundreds of dollars on costly shampoo products.

To the better hair days ahead!

Carelumina Team