If you are one of the millions of people who utilize social media there is a high chance that you heard about social selling. Social selling is the new way of selling for many organizations and business owners. So what is social selling and how can you benefit from it today?

Social selling allows you to effectively target prospects, establish trust and rapport with your networks and ditch cold calling. Incorporating social selling into your sales funnel can increase the number of new prospects looking at your business while helping generate more sales.

The practice of social selling is utilizing social media to discover, connect and understand sales prospects. It is truly a modern way to develop significant relationships with potential customers so that you are the first person or business that a prospect thinks about when they get ready to buy. To truly grasp the concept of social selling it is important to not only talk about what social selling is but also what it is not.

Spamming and bombarding strangers with unsolicited private messages or tweets is not social selling. This will annoy your prospects and in turn make you lose potential connections. Social selling is not about discovering new contacts but more about building right relationships and listening for the right moment to join the conversation via social media.

After you establish a meaningful connection with your prospect there will be plenty of perfect moments to present yourself or your business as a solution to your prospect’s problems. The real goal is to understand your prospect’s needs then address the pressing need to make your prospect’s life easier. This can be established without becoming another spammer who nobody wants to engage with via social media.

Research shows that 78% of salespeople engaged in social selling outsell their peers in the industry who are not. Utilizing social tools allows you to build real relationships with prospects. A tactic of social listening helps you tune into topics and conversations relevant to your industry to identify new leads who are already discussing your business and industry. You will find that people share a lot of personal information through social media about their needs, wants and problems.

Social selling allows you to establish a more significant first impression at the first point of contact with your prospect. This leads to more engagement and easier way of building a trustworthy relationship. Finding new leads through mutual connections and referrals on social media builds a strong network and trust with people that you might not even know.

According to LinkedIn, 76% of buyers are ready to have some kind of social media conversation with their potential provider. Establishing yourself as an industry thought leader and building a strong online professional presence can unlock numerous opportunities for you and your business. A new study shows that 71% of all sales people and 90% of top sales people are already utilizing social selling tools to market their products and services.

The important part is to engage and be present while being your true self. Most people will not buy what you have to offer unless they really get to know you and can trust you with your guidance and expertise. Pay more attention to what your prospects are posting about and what their true needs are. Be that person who brings extra value to your prospect’s life and helps them solve a real problem. Be courteous, respectful and never make false product or business claims.

Carelumina Team